Hold me fast, hold me fast
'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer


Is it normal to want to watch “Band of Brothers” twice within three months?

I’ve watched it three times in two months so I’m sure you’re good ;)

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"I'm not hearing the aggressiveness I'd like to." His voice sounds
hollow, like he's not convinced himself.
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"With Captain Sobel’s compliments, sir."

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Got a smoke?

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() HBO War Meme: Five Quotes

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There are two types of greetings:




Best friends:


this couldn’t have been more accurate

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Sledge not getting to say goodbye

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() HBO War Meme: Five Quotes

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I keep seeing people say Rosethorn and Lark are drift compatible, which they are.

But I haven’t seen anyone mention Rosethorn and Crane.

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I wonder if he got that take on the first try?


I wonder if he got that take on the first try?

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